Barriers and Facilitators (BFWG)

Charge of the BFWG

To further PCOR CDS-LN goals, the Steering Committee is forming a Barriers and Facilitators Workgroup (BFWG) to create up to three ‘use cases’ describing the sequence of steps necessary to:

  1. Determine PCOR findings related to a specific clinical improvement imperative (e.g., hypertension control, cholesterol management, sepsis prevention and management);
  2. Identify barriers and facilitators to instantiating and widely implementing those PCOR findings at each step of the PCOR CDS Learning Network Analytic Framework for Action

  3. Recommend ways to overcome barriers and catalyze opportunities for PCOR-based CDS to promote improved care decisions, care processes, and actions; and

Through input from a broad range of stakeholders, the BFWG will generalize results for the use case(s) to begin elucidating barriers, facilitators and recommendations for these steps to cover the full range of pertinent PCOR findings.